1 March 2013

Alex Mattsson AW13 Collection

Alex Mattson’s AW13 collection takes inspiration from 1940’s Americana and the large scale latin immigration to California of the era. Blending Latin American cultures of today and the past.

 The collection references Zoot suits (right on the below image shows a high waisted chalk stripe Zoot suit), 40’s workwear and South American inspired denim mixes.

40s style baggy dungarees mixed effortlessly with modern day biker jackets...

... ,stud trimmed hoodie and baggy denim shorts. 

Flashes of white lighten this mainly all black and navy collection. White stitching on a black biker jacket gives a futuristic Tron like glow.......

.... whilst the white spanner silhouettes on the black socks showed a fun and softer side to the tattooed gang of models

His collections always  takes inspiration from sub-cultures in particular with Biker Gang culture. This season he singles out ‘The Mongols’ – a notorious biker club.

UK Stockist
Machine A
13 Brewer Street
Soho London W1f 0RH
 www.machine-a.com coming soon
US stockist
7700 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles CA90046
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