1 March 2013

Gant Rugger SS13 Campaign - Team Americano

For Spring/Summer 2013, GANT Rugger enlists the help of a group of American guys living in New York who are all intimately connected to the fashion industry in one way or another.

 Celebrating the cultural phenomenon of fashion blogging the group, named Team Americano, consists of six young men; prominent media figures, Sean Hotchkiss, Zeph Colombatto, Gabe Alonso, Noah Emrich, Lawrence Schlossman, and Justin Chung.

They journey to Italy to fuse the classic American silhouettes with Italian finesse. Each member of the group embraces the collection in his own unique way highlighting the collections' malleable aesthetic.

Some items already available on:

Continuing with this theme Creative Director, Christopher Bastin and his team have created the 'GANT Rugger Relay' - http://www.gant.com/collections/gant-rugger/relay
Starting with Christopher, each member of the 'relay' chooses their favourite GANT Rugger pieces, gets shot in them, answers a few questions and then picks the next person to take part. The great thing about this is there is no control and anyone around the world (male or female) can be chosen to take part next which makes for an exciting and unpredicatable experiment encompassing some very cool and interesting individuals.

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  1. This isn't real style to me. This looks all staged and unnatural.