8 March 2013

A La Disposition AW13 - Black Snow

This season showed the debut of menswear standing alone from the London Fashion Week women’s show plus a separate inspiration.

That inspiration came partly from the graphic novel of Black Snow, an unsuccessful alcoholic wannabe superhero who can’t control his powers, and partly from Prague and Hermetic Mysticism. 

Traditional fabric used are English woolens with silk and adding a twist was the quilted padded nylon used for  super wide trousers and .....
.....jagged peaked superhero styled helmets plus the acrylic wire embedded into the techno fabric to keep the shape of the wide culottes

The colour palette is heavy on greys and blacks with splashes of red and white.

Selection of the debut menswear collection is available from
The Seven Dials Presents
35 Neal Street
London WC2H 9PR

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