6 March 2013

Euphorik AW13 Collection

Although this collection was inspired by medieval knights and kings, there is no sign of long sweeping cloaks or suits of armour and chain mail. This is a modern take on how clothes have become our everyday armour.

Photographer Sam Atkinson
The pieces range from the short silk velvet dinner jacket in red named the king’s robe,

Photographer Sam Atkinson

...... to the simpler light grey suiting adorned with a hood.

Other pieces include the liquid silver Lurex silk t-shirt named chain mail (also worn in the first image with the red velvet jacket) .....

.....and a metallic grey tailored suit with suede lapels and shoulders called steel armour suit.

Mohair coat for the Good Knight.

Soon to be available through
Wolf & Badger Mayfair
32 Dover street
London W1S 4NE

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