9 March 2013

Joey Essex's new hair range D'Reem exclusive to Tesco

The Only Way is Essex star, Joey Essex, has brought out a new hair styling range called D'Reem and is exclusive to Tesco.

The new range contains five different styling products:

Beach Spray £2.99
Get the beach look. Simply spritz and run your fingers through your hair to add texture and definition.

Re-work Putty £2.99
To get the spiked look, twist and mould through the hair.

Shaping Paste £2.99
For the messy look, use a small amount to rough up the hair and give that just got out of bed.

Styling Wax £2.99
For the dapper style, smooth through the hair to create a slick look.

Extreme Hold Gel £3.99
For the old style wet look, work through the hair section by section and shape into spikes.

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