3 March 2013

Aitor Throup AW13 Collection _ New Object Research

As though walking in to a faded black and white war movie, the colour palette for the whole AW13 presentation was in grainy monochrome.  The presentation consisted of multiple suspended life-size human sculptures each wearing four complete outfits from the twenty piece collection. The collection was made of four themes:

Mongolia - a study of Mongolian culture, history, geography , tradition and lifestyle - analysed with the aim to suggest a new national costume based on a modern analysis of needs. The equine sculpture highlights the relationship with their horses.

When Football Hooligans become Hindu Gods - a story of redemption .
Looking closely the collection was actually wearable ranging from the casual parka.....

.... to a more tailored herringbone coat with hood and adorned with zips.   

On the Ethics of  Ethnic Stereotyping - The large leather rucksack is in the guise of an upside down human skull. Perfectly functional as a multi-compartmental accessory, the skull acts as a symbol of misconstued threat. The skull is widely used to symbolise death and terror, The bag also conveys the same message but only when looked at in the wrong way.

The Funeral of New Orleans (Part One) - Each garment is cut on a life-size thermo-active cotton mesh sculpture of the human body in the precise pose needed to play each instrument, creating ergonomically different versions of the same outfit.
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