17 January 2015

Alex Mullins AW15 Collection at London Collections Men

For AW15 Alex Mullins explores the raw and primitive sexually charged world of a high flying creative and his blasé attitude to all that surrounds him.  

The showspace decor mimicked the character’s 1960’s Mayfair unkept 'man cave' pad strewn with unpacked boxes and carpet tiles only laid were he usually walks. 

 A long pink fluffy tube snakes its way around the room as though the remains of a wild party. 

Mirroring the showspace , the collection pieces are of neutral tones of  earthy browns, denim blues and calicos.

.And like the fluffy snake, pink pops up in the guise of velvet jean jacket and matching trousers.

Fabrics  are heavy and included indigo denims, blanket wool, velvet, corduroy, chunky rib and canvas whilst the design plays with graphics and proportion. Cut is wide and boxy.

Trousers are high waisted, wide and half mast with tank top knitted vest and skinny t-shirts tucked in.

Teamed with matching cropped jean jackets or long boxy blazers.

An oversized sweat is emblazoned with a slogan I'm assuming says 'The Waylands' as we are told that the character is obsessed with  a group of men called The Waylands who emerged from the caves in South Dakota in the late 1960s. 

The character also loves reading 'After Dark' magazine.  Handy as pages from the magazine embellish tops and create a waistcoat., 

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