7 January 2015

Ong-Oaj Paraim SS15 Menswear

For SS15, Ong-Oaj Paraim was inspired by his fragmented memories of growing up alongside his family’s Noodle factory in Nakhon Ratichasima, Thailand. Memories that Ong-Oaj pieced together with a dream like logic.

Colour palette is inspired by the vivid pinks, greens and blues of the local street food markets and pastel hues faded by the tropical sun.

With his family’s noodle factory in mind, utilitarian functional workwear is present with boiler suits and parkas in luxurious fabrics and in shades of candy pinks, blues and mint green.

Prints range from the delicate Cherry Blossom....

... to the bolder pattern featuring Chinese symbols and tropical goldfish surrounded by Baroque style frames - East meets West.

Inspired by the lucky goldfish bowl outside the family's factory, Ong-Oaj designed a tropical fish print for his leather sleeved trench coat (1st image) and full suit.(above image).

Brought up surrounded by many different oriental cultures and traditions, Japanese and Chinese influence can be seen in the collection. Above print features rows of Samurai warriors in silhouette softened by pastel hues. Sandals and mocassins also have a touch of Japanese inspiration with hand painted designs and Samurai style stitching.

Contact Ong-Oaj directly for a made to measure piece.
Tel: 07584 195 453
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