21 January 2015

Christopher Raeburn AW15 Menswear Collection

Titled RAFT, inspiration is taken from survival,endurance and immersion of being adrift on the open ocean aboard a life raft.

An original life raft has been re-appropriated to create a stand out limited edition collection of bright and graphic outerwear and accessories. The REMADE panelled parka and bomber jackets have been created from the bright yellow and orange upper section of the raft which is designed to attract attention at sea.

In contrast an all black rubber field jacket is crafted from the underside of the raft and features original graphics which are replicated in various styles and fabrications across the collection.

Keeping with the life raft as inspiration, latex rubber is used to create unique inflatable outerwear: puffer jacket and gilets in bold reds and blues,

The puffer jacket also comes in a more wearable fabric

Continuing the partnership with the Woolmark Company, luxury Merino knitwear comes in two seasonal designs: the shark which is Raeburn;s animal mascot for AW15 and the other picking up the arrow graphic from the original raft.

The Hybrid hoodie, a Raeburn classic, is re-imagined using a heavy textured fleece creating a dynamic contrast with the lightweight Merino wool.
Prints are of  the shark and the shark's tooth integrated into digital prints and applied to sweatshirts, t-shirts and joggers.

The shark tooth is also referenced in photo reel woven patches applied to garments across the collection.
Lightweight and quilted outerwear feature a new quilt design on the body with contrast sleeves in the classic Raeburn zigzag pattern. The quilted duffle coat features a rust print which can also be seen on the mac and parka.

Accessories include the rucksack which uses the original coloured panelling from the raft and retains authentic graphic detailing, plus a fun oversized Shark shaped holdall .

Footwear is a collaboration with Purified creating an exclusive boot and shoe.

For the finale - watch the video

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