20 January 2015

Agi & Sam AW15 Menswear Collection

Inspiration began with a trip to Agi's family home in Yorkshire. His mother showed them some drawings of a clothing range he'd designed when he was four years old. It was called 'The Coolman Collection' They then got in touch with their old primary schools to ask today's pupils about their favourite clothes and what they wished clothing could do.

Coats and jackets have been ripped apart and deconstructed as puzzles. These were given to childrem who were asked to put the garments back together with Velcro.These patchworks formed the basis of entirely new garments, the Velcro panels of which are interchangeable.

Tailored jackets and trousers are inside out to reveal their construction, the lapels sewn down. Both the inside of the jacket pockets and the trouser front pockets of the suit below can clearly be seen due to the bright contrast of their orange fabric to the darker colour of the rest of the garment.  .

Inside out trousers also reveal their satin lining reaching down to the knees.

Prints merge bold VHS covers with prescription drug packaging.

Knitwear is a collaboration with Jaeger with coloured panels of fine wool patchworked over each other, each left with a raw edge. All fabric has been sponsored by LANIFICIO CERUTI. Shose are Adidas Superstars

Main colour palette was of primary colours.

For the finale check out the video below:

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