19 January 2015

Louis Leeman AW15 men's footwear collection ‏

Titled 'Enlisting and Resisting' the AW15 footwear collection was inspired by the Navy world – a world that has always been associated to the main traits of manhood: bravery, strength , pride, discipline and elegance. 

Uniforms, battle ships, medals and military ranks are all elements that influenced the collection.

Colour palette recalls the crisp navy blue and white uniforms, 

The classic mix of jungle green to the khaki service colours: 

A splash of plaid and a staple of the utilitarian vision of surplus, camouflage:

The chevron design represents symbols of honour and rank, luxurious in velvet:

 The metallic hardware recalls military decorations and fierce weaponry.

Rope tassels recall the sailing knots and the epaulettes adorned on the shoulders of decorated officers.

 Polka dots & squares interpret the boats radar, essential navigation and combat operation planning.

The highest ideals of duty, loyalty, courage and commitment, this is the spirit of the AW15 collection.
The presentation was held in the ornately decorated Cafe Royal

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