20 January 2015

Maharishi AW15 Menswear Collection

In an era of escalating surveillance by government agencies and corporations, Maharishi seek deep cover and look for inspiration in the way of the ninja - the original masters of stealth.

Maharishi interprets the ninja garments from one of combat to 21st century utility with cuts and detailing specifically suited to the needs of the international traveller.

Keeping the international traveller's arms free, jackets and coats hung behind the models' back with the clever inclusion of shoulder straps.

 The ninja uniforms inspire elongated silhouettes including the above the knee length crew sweats and extended long pants as well as dropped crotches, fitted calves, built in mittens and integrated fitted hoods.

Camouflage print is of the Bonsai Forest with a dotted pattern recalling the techniques of the artists Gerorge Seurat and Roy Lichenstein and used to disrupt video surveillance systems

A baseball style cap can be pulled down and worn over the face - the mesh eye covering still affords perfect vision for the wearer.

Colour palette changed from ninja black to army khakis

Here the Bonsai is cleverly hidden in the camo print.

Quilted thermal layers worn under old battle uniforms were re cut and reused to create a jackets and coats with a patchwork of different shades and shaped pieces. As though joining forces, these quilted pieces originally from different uniforms belonging to historically opposing forces come together to create one garment..

For the finale check the below video:

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