19 January 2015

Ermenegildo Zegna Couture AW15 at Milan Fashion Week

The Luxury of Choice is eco-solidarity.

Stefano Pilati’s inspiration for AW15 is the uniform of an Eco-leader using original archive Harris Tweeds selected for their authenticity and for their recyclability.

A sense of environmental protection is perceived not only in the garments and accessories but also in the attitude. An attitude of action in the field opens the show interspersed with the pure poetry of the broken suit in both velvet or corduroy, before taking a more urban turn for the second part.

Utilitarian eco-leaders uniforms are translated in jackets with subtly and softly sculpted details where pockets are gathered or pleated, worn with tailored pants either elasticated at the bottom or conceived multifunctional.

Shoes and boots are covered by protection elements with hybrid bags are sporty and luxurious.

Colour palette: grey, charcoal, smoke brown, hazel brown, khaki, sage, mint, salmon, oxblood, plum, black and dark blue.

The set of the show was inspired by Oasi Zegna, the nature park surrounding the Zegna Wool Mill in Trivero, where it will be replanted.

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