17 January 2017

Daya Jewellery

This season Daya Jewellery draw inspiration from Jewelled arts of India with pieces ranging from rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendulums.

The collection captures the Moghuls influence on the Indian/arabic aesthetic. They are presented and analysed, beginning with a unique and highly effective varieties of stone settings, and continuing with semi precious - metal inlay in hard stones.
 The characteristic gemstones include Green Onyx,Yellow Onyx, Ruby, Smokey Topaz, Lapis Lazuli & Carnelian and concluding with a selection of exuberant pieces in which the jewellery artist combines his powers to create an explosion of splendid jewelled magnificence.
Available via:

 Daya Jewellery: 
Photographer: Rustylicious 
Stylist: Cuba Charles
Jewellery : Daya Jewellery  
Clothing: Replay

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