22 January 2017

Qasimi AW17 Mens Collection titled Room 702

The main inspiration came from the 'Bed In' protest by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969 which took place in room 702 of the Amsterdam Hilton hotel. A silent protest that sparked ideas of the interior/exterior of the bedroom and the streets.

Breaking down concepts of military sartorialism and fluid loungewear has led to the establishment of comfort as the new order.

The brutalist of the early 1960's inspired new construction techniques exposing rawness of the garments by using the reverse side of the fabrics.

Oversized shapes were influenced by the monumentality of the buildings whilst still having a soft and protective quality.

Traditional military garments like the field jacket and cargo trousers have been treated in fluid viscose to soften the aggression of the rise in the militarization of the state.

The colours hark back to the 1960's interiors are clashing colours of mauve pinks and uniform browns.

Fabrics: Boucle, virgin wool, velvet, moleskin, striped voile, military viscose, leather, gaberdine and quilted satin.

Yarns: Crcohet, racked rib, velvet waffle and jaquard

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