10 January 2017

TOURNE DE TRANSMISSION AW17 Menswear at London Fashion Week Men's

Usually inspired by his wanderlust, for AW17  designer Graeme Gauchan took a different direction and decided to look  inward and squarely at his home for his collection. 

It reflects his teenage years and tries to understand how his adolescent self would have reacted to recent political isolation of youth by the government,  the division of ideals and the loss of cultural icons.

His solace at that time was and still is music, he re-immersed himself in one of the bands of that period RIDE and one track in particular – NOWHERE still sums up the frustrated inability to change a bigger situation.

Titled 'Nowhere' the Tourne De Transmission AW17 collection was inspired by the Ride Lyrics of Nowhere:
I should have known better than to expect it all
You want everything and you end up grabbing at air
I had so much to give so much hope, we held each other high
But the heroes are gone and all that's left is you and me
I learned the hard way that life should be easy
But I want you to know that it was hard to show the things that I know now

All that's left is you and me and here we are nowhere
All that's left is you and me and here we are nowhere

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