21 January 2017

MAN presents Feng Chen Wang AW17 menswear

The MAN project was established by Fashion East and Topman to support and launch new menswear fashion designers. For AW17, MAN presents Feng Chen Wang.

For her AW17 collection, Feng Chen Wang takes inspiration from the world of senses. In China, it is understood that there are six senses not five - an additional one that resides in the mind and consists of impressions, feelings, perception and volition.

This realm of of impressions and feelings is not a black and white one, but one of many shades. Wang is learning to embrace the grey area which is demonstrated very literally in this season's colour palette where ash meets charcoal, gunmetal and silver.....

.....- with the addition of an electric yellow.

There is a focus on the body, with flesh tones employed along with skin like textures such as leather.

The way fabric covers and interacts with the human form is subverted and magnified: rumples becomes ruching which in turn become  Jenny Saville  like rolls.

Material is gathered around the body and clothing becomes cocooning perhaps reflecting a fundamental human need - to be safe.

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