21 January 2017

Liam Hodges AW17 menswear - 'Dystopia Lives'

A line written by performance poet Hector Aponysus for Dystopia Lives, 'Looking for a vocation in the decline of civilization' sums up the state we find ourselves.

The incubation of Dystopia Lives saw Hodges come together with Aponysus for a process Hodges calls: The benefits of looking where things are at but through different lenses.
Dystopia Lives is also a play on the Kuanto Lives graffiti seen in the film 'Total Recall' . Also taken from the film is a print inspired by Mary, the triple sex worker.

 Further prints are drawn from photos by Liam in China.

Military influence on the post apocalytic dystopian Mad Max is visible throughout the collection.

Colour palette features bold monochrome black and white with camouflage shades of forest, olive and acid greens.

A digital camouflage print designed by Liam's team is applied to custom designed Levi's 501 jeans to introduce colour and print to denim's unique architectural rigidity.

Padded salopette style trousers feature removable pockets and zip detailing.

Collaborations are seen with Christys, the British hatmakers, merging an informal bucket style with a white take on the city gent's bowler, reminiscent of the bowlers worn by the droogs in the film A Clockwork Orange.

Shoes by Converse

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