28 January 2017


Titled Portrait de famille
The dandies , come from old photographs with impeccable costumes but yet aged, crumpled by the years stand there, almost impassive.

 The baroudiers, in their big leathers and their tapered joggings, seem always to live, always in tension, as if the past struggles had taken place yesterday.

Finally, the animals, with their immense furs and reptilian leathers, appear to arrive from a place not indicated on any map.

These three families are there, they look at each other, they observe each other, they gauge each other and finally mix and rub. The second skin leather completely crumpled meander between large striped fur robes. The costumes with the uncertain stripes mix with them to the silicone teddy.

Families began exchanging large figures over them and other robes as proof of an agreed peace. All of a sudden,through friction, exchanges are made. Thus these great families, initially source of discord and tensions, realize that their identity is inseparable from their unity.
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