21 June 2017

Blood Brother SS18 Collection at London Fashion Week:Men

For SS18 Blood Brother asks you to 'LOGIN' and abscond froun current reality, as a form of escapism from an increasingly negative and harmful environment.

It takes an abstract look at the immediate future and the way we are currently treating and destroying our planet. It may not be long before we have to disappear online to seek what we desire.

With the rise of technology, the collection aims to playfully engage into the idea of seeking personal pleasures in a digital 'haven'

Digital prints are used as a medium to explore the digital playground created by the big brother-esque 'BBCORP' .

 These example of fantasy  are accompanied by telling signs of commercialism and glitches in the seemingly perfect landscape in the form of finger prints and sleazy advertising.

 Photgraphic imagery of a Lamborghini Diablo gives rise to the Fast Car colour palette in primary pop colours to show off the digital gigawatt sun.

The collection features checked wool alongside sheer eggshell grey nylon, in tailored city slicker jackets and boiler suits that give an authentic nod to nostalgic and outdated objects of vintage technology.

Hedonistic fringing and tie dying are found,

in addition to the classic trench coat in mock croc encouraging exhibitionism through a removal from human inhibition.

Footwear - the loafer is this season's new addition to the footwear range, creating another link to the yuppie phenomenon of the early tech era

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