17 June 2017

Mihara Yasuhiro SS18 Collection at London Fashion Week Men

In today's modern world, people are constantly typing away busily on their laptops and smartphones, interacting with strangers in a never-ending stream of information. However, when the devices are finally switched off, a blank mirror appears in the screen. Mihara Yasuhiro has looked into this mirror. #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag.... What does it even mean?

This new form of communicating, Instagram included, is just bizarre. Mihara's view on the hashtag frenzy has been projected onto a fictitious music group, #BLANK MIRRORS.
 A little nerdy, they represent an antithesis to the "Insta-addict", adorned in mocking patches and stickers.

 For Mihara Yasuhiro, irony is a way of expressing his own creativity and this is particularly evident this season.
 A blouson with a patched or painted oversize back ·
 Half wrap pants that float like skirts
 Coats and blousons with an adjustable collar width for flexibility
 Wry patches with a vintage punk motif ·
 Shoe uppers produced with transparent leather from ECCO LEATHER Ltd.
Sock-Sneakers with a sole designed as though a sock

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