21 June 2017

Christopher Raeburn SS18 Collection at London Fashion Week

For SS18. Raeburn takes inspiration from 'The Long Walk' by Slavomir Rawicz - an epic story of an adventure and survival tracing a 4,000 mile journey from Siberia to India traversing the Gobi desert to the rocky extremes of the Himalaya's.

In collaboration with EXKITE. Raeburn's REMADE ethos deconstructs pre flown kites and then reconstructs them into macs, anoraks and jerseys.

Other REMADE garments include German wind ponchos made from cooling cotton reworked into lightweight contemporary parkas to offer protection from the sun. and authentic 1940s battledress denim jackets are reworked to create a field jacket and an anorak.

Tulle is reorked to create a unique track top, hoodie, crew, shorts and jogger- accentuating the notion of wind.Tape has been developed with branding to emphasise the 4 Rs- REMADE, RECYCLED, REDUCES and RAEBURN)

The mascot for this season is the jerboa, a hopping desert rodent.

Footwear is in collaboration with Palladium using recycled rubber, recycled PET coated leather and organic cotton. The shoes can be worn as sandals or boots with removable knitted or waterproof socks.

Other collaborations include:
 Avery Dennison RBIS for Agility heat transfers and 3D printed raised silicone patches for Christopher Raeburn branding throughout the jersey and outerwear pieces.
Blackhorse Lane Ateliers for organic denim jeans and shorts which are individually numbered with REMADE pocket detailing.
Watch brand Instrmnt- finest Swis made parts have been combined with a locally sourced strap and recycled packaging.

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