19 June 2017

QASIMI SS18 Mens Collection at London Fashion Week:Mens

Yearning for simpler in response to today's bombardment of information and technology.
Titled 'Free Fall' SS18 looks into the past to reimagine a new future.

Blending craftsmanship with new technologies, the movements of the nomadic Bedouin tribes of the Middle East are explored and juxtaposed with modern military parachute fabrics and stitching techniques.

Colour palette: Rhubarb, sienna, pink sand, thyme, khaki, pale blue, mint strpe, pomegranate stripe, granite and pinecone.

Fabrics: linen crepe stripe, double faced cotton, coated linen, parachute nylon, fluid viscose linen, striped linen, cotton gabardine, seersucker, fluid canvas crepe, and double crepe linen.

Footwear: TEVA
Video of presentation
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