25 June 2017

Arthur Avellano SS18 mens collection at Men's Paris Fashion Week

Titled 'Chute Libre', Arthur Avellano is inspired by Joël Schumacher's cult film' Falling Down' , which tells the story of a man who becomes increasingly frustrated with the pretense of modern society with dire consequences.

Avellano is fascinated by the inherent slippage of the pressure of the social mask which muzzles our impulses.

The point of no return to the absurd.

In the same way, Arthur Avellano puts into perspective the subjects associated with fetishism: latex, leather, spandex and transposes them in a classical men's dressing with basics pieces of sportswear and tailoring.

Avellano mainly works latex. Banned from the classical cloakroom, on the border of the object and the fabric, its unseemly evocation because of its sexual connotation is ideal to convey a message of insolence.

 In collaboration with specialized laboratories, he inserts the originality of its brand in an innovative textile research by developing its own material, a hybrid latex with properties of use close to leather but which retains its texture, its fall and its unique reflection.

 He enriches its textile panel by the use of noble materials - as evocative as latex as leather and neoprene all associated with the fetish world.

 Avellano wants to bring a shade to the men's dressing, on the margins of the androgynous movement, it applies to make cohabitate elegance and manhood.

 Inspired by the study of sociotypes, attitude and personality become the central point of the silhouette by infusing reality into its creations.

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