5 January 2016

Sartorial brand New & Lingwood's Styling Tips

As menswear brands prepare to showcase their collections at LCM, Simon Maloney Director at New & Lingwood shares his top 10 styling tips.

 1. Pressed for Time
 Set aside enough time to make sure your clothes are pressed to perfection. Be smooth in every sense this season.
 2. Preparation is Key
 It’s important to be prepared. Plan your outfit the evening before to avoid making fatal outfit errors. Make sure your look is on point for each show.
 3. Fit for Purpose
 Whether you’re looking to adopt a casual or more formal style, it’s imperative that your suit and jackets fit for a sharp and well-tailored look. Neat shoulders that don’t make you look like an American football player and sleeves short enough to show at least an inch of cuff.

 4. It’s in the Details
 Add personality to your look by adding a pocket square or contrasting tie to compliment the outfit without distracting from the tailoring. New & Lingwood carry one of the widest selections available.

 5. Be Polished
 A true gentleman’s shoes should be polished to the highest standard. Good English bench grade shoes are an investment. Secondly make sure your trouser hems are at the correct length, not too much of a break!

 6. Sock it to Them
 Overlooked in the past as an outfit basic, the sock is now an essential item to perk up a look. Go for a bold design in high quality cotton or merino wool and don’t be afraid to show some personality. You won’t find a better nor wider collection than at 53 Jermyn Street.

 7. Sartorial Flair
 Stand out from the fashion crowd and be bold this season. We suggest mixing similar shades of one colour or for the more eccentric gentleman, experiment with different colours and textures. But make sure the patterns balance, for example bold stripe shirts need a plain tie to allow each of them to breathe and a large checked jacket needs a micro-patterned shirt or a plain cotton poplin for the same reason.

 8. Roll Up
 The classic polo neck sweater not only keeps you warm but looks suave under a tailored jacket. It’s a key wardrobe essential, perfect for getting from show to show, plus you get the added advantage of not having to stress about shirt/ tie co-ordination!

 9. Practice Makes Perfect
 The perfect tie knot is a work of art which takes time to master. Practice makes perfect. We would suggest a woven tie with a four-in-hand knot. My tip would be to use one of the many instructional videos on You Tube, especially for bows!

 10. It’s a Wrap
 Fight off the chill and complete your outfit with a sharp overcoat, the gentlemen’s essential. We suggest a New & Lingwood long style such as the Peluche Coat in baby alpaca; it is immaculately styled and moves beautifully, when worn.

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