16 January 2016

Town & Country - Simon Carter A/W 2016

This season Simon Carter unveiled a versatile collection that was bursting with English charm and fully conversant with the demands of sartorial sophistication for both Town and Country. The range encompasses; outerwear, suits and jackets, shirts and ties, shoes and socks and accessories including; watches, cufflinks, wallets, bags and jewellery. 

Prints steal the show, injected with Simon’s customary wit and flair. For the Country, nature rules with a cornucopia of root vegetables, fungi, floral and leaf prints, complimented by birds (and bees!) plus a veritable colony of beetles. 

For the urbanite, the choice is whimsical from historic hats and shoes to elegant townhouses and a spectacular matrix of robots!

 Quality is key with tweeds, velvets, wools and jacquards sourced from the finest mills, fashioned into timeless habiliments and given a contemporary twist with colour, print or an audacious lining. As with all great design, clever constructs and innovative accents result in a collection that will move effortlessly with the occasion and build a wardrobe of style and substance. 

Country Collection
An Arcadian idyll inspired by a favourite aunt’s potager in Shropshire, 
Outerwear - a cropped, navy, s/b mac with removable quilted lining is stylish and practical for autumn, while the mid-winter months require the warmer embrace of a chunky herringbone, full length s/b overcoat in navy and grey.

 Jackets - embody the easy luxury of English tailoring with dog-tooth tweed in navy on steel and a classic wool Prince of Wales check in deep-blue leading the way. 

For occasions when something a little more extravagant is called for, the truly dapper will reach for a magical, midnight-blue, paisley printed velvet resplendent with matching lining. 

Suits - the jewel in the crown of this collection, this dandy duo of subtly printed floral suits will delight the dashing with a choice of chrysanthemum or dandelion prints in charcoal or navy respectively - unique and confident.

 Shirts - prints will surprise and delight with carrots, turnips and swede, Friesian cows, golden bees on a slate lattice and a stunning Liberty print of cornflowers and poppies providing an appropriately bucolic theme. A rich, dark ‘Garden of Eden’ print - complete with serpent - and a frenzied layer of gem-hued beetles deliver the perfect balance

Town Collection
 From Mayfair to Shoreditch, Simon Carter’s dexterous styling navigates the nuances of metropolitan living with elegant humour and panache. 

Jackets - sleek and daring, these pieces stand proud, from a rich claret woven jacquard with circular pattern to an embroidered swirl motif of claret over navy. For the cosmopolitan, a choice of electric blue or plum velvet with robot lining! 

Suits - for the dandy, a classic Prince of Wales check 3 piece in charcoal, conceals its eccentricities of leaf-print, jacquard lining and root vegetable envelope trim. A soft, flannel 2-piece in aqua; milled pin-dot with peak lapels and midnight blue shadow check with contrasting paisley lining add vitality to a city staple. 

Shirts - feathers to tickle your fancy (also feature of jacket trim) , while vintage prints of shoes and chapeaux add a timeless aesthetic. Simon’s renowned sense of fun emerges with a series of bright repeats of robots, ostriches, parrots and blue eggs! 

Shoes - the third season of collaboration with Rad Russell features classic silhouettes transformed by modern detailing. Brogues, desert boots, loafers and Chelsea boots are re-invigorated with electric hued laces, two-tone soles and contrasting side gussets. 

Accessories - Cufflinks continue the natural theme with enameled spider webs and honeycomb in mother of pearl, with a brick pattern design and tie slides for the city.

 100% silk ties echo the paisley theme, this time in hot pink and purple and also include motorbikes, dolphins and giraffe prints as well as modern stripes. 

Watches embrace vintage minimalism with simple numerals on dials of black, white or electric blue with classic leather straps and leather travel wallets and weekenders commute effortlessly from country weekend to business trip. 

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