23 January 2016

Katie Eary AW16 Menswear Collection

This season was inspired by popular music culture/subculture sparked by ' The Sacred Triangle' documentary and Iggy & Lou 1971-1973 - a film analyzing the influences artists Lou Reed and Iggy Pop had on David Bowie.
Video of the show's finale

"I've been developing my idea of gender fluidity but with a working story of rock stars, artists, playwrights, and musos and groupies. I'm imaging swapping ideals, creative genres, clothes and mannerisms." says Katie Eary

"Following the journey of the clothing from lover to stage outfits. I was taken by Iggy Pop and Nico's brief fling leading to the idea of them swapping clothes in the process of creating music and being lovers. This rule applied to all rockstars (of that time) with their lovers - it's my version of magpie androgony."

A key colour backdrop for this season is black, a first time for the colour and print orientated designer. It has been used throughout the collection to highlight a more mature luxe feel to an already exotic and eclectic fusion of motifs.

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