6 January 2016

Luxury Sustainable Brand, Tom Cridland, Opens Flagship Store in London

Tom Cridland, best known for The 30 Year Sweatshirt will be opening their stand alone flagship shop in London (340 King's Road, SW3 5UR) on Monday, January 11th.
Navy sweatshirt worn with Seville Orange chinos

This luxury sustainable brand is best know for The 30 Year Sweatshirt & T-Shirt which front the brand's  campaign against fast fashion. These garments are so well made that the brand guarantee them to last for three decades.
Electric Blue sweatshirt with navy chinos

 These two sustainable fashion campaigns have led an industry trend to put an end to planned obsolescence in the industry that causes a needless cycle of consumption and waste. A combination of technology, premium fabrics and old school craftmanship make them built to last a lifetime.
Handmade by craftsmen and seamstresses in rural Portugal using organic cotton. These artisans have ave been making clothing since 1964 and still have sweatshirts made in the late 1970s in excellent condition, so the 30 Year Guarantee is no gimmick.

Chilli Red tee 
Also handmade in Portugal is an array of colourful smart casual trousers in organic cotton plus a few pairs of smart flannel trousers in a blend of 90% merino wool and 10% cashmere.

Chinos in Green Goblin
Flannels in Charcoal

About Tom Cridland
The 25 year old designer from London started the brand: Tom Cridland in 2014 with a £6,000 government start-up loan as a 23 year old Modern Languages graduate from the University of Bristol. With no further investment, the brand turned over £250,000 in its first year simply through organic growth.

Don't worry if you don't live in London as they also have an online shop:

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  1. We've tried that, didn't work out. Our best jacket lastet for 22 years and 220 days. So this is probably a hoax! Be aware!