19 January 2016

Alex Mullins AW16 Menswear Collection

This season, Mullins has used 'The Process of Boredom' as a basis of inspiration.

Mullins captures the annoying winter temperatures and autumnal transition in to darkness. The cold mind wonders to kitchen sink dramas - wishing your merino coat to grow and engulf with its size,

The bill board adverts ripped sown to become waterproofs.

Sloppy rain echo's the silhouette's wet gravity, baggy jeans pulling you down.

Warped vision of functionality exit here; Neon lights sparkle through the indigo hours.
The Denims range from primitive to surreal displaying the evolution of thoughts.

Laser etching a single moment with the most timeless of fabrics.

Simply romanticizing the idea of waiting for the bus in the cold.

Boredom is necessary
(Boredom is provocative)
ForAW16, Mullins collaborated with photographer Hazel Gaskin to create this seasons figuative textiles. The paint covered garments worn in the photos become the artworks fixed in Perspex.

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