23 January 2016

James Long AW16 Menswear Collection

For AW16, James Long sends a call out to his local heroes, the people who inspire him and his work.
Waterproof zip up padded jackets are made from panels of metallic tech fabric, rubberised leopard and rubberised lace with acid trims, some with concealed hoods in the collar.

Denim has been treated with different paints, either pray painted as if tie-dyed or overpainted to create an effect like camouflage.

Video of the show's finale

Stretched velvet tops have gathered necks with matching trackpants.

Specially woven coloured stripes of various widths are used for a variety of pieces, from a tailored jacket to sweat tops, while stripes of lurex are on tracksuit tops.

Stripes also appear on special hand knits.

An opulent brown print of brown poppies appears on lounging gowns and scarves .

Lightweight black intarsia knits have images of acid poppies or a caterpillar.

Brushed sequins on a sweater or tracksuit are turquoise on one side and silver on the other.

Fun fur jackets can be thrown over everything

Sweatshirts have a self drawn logo calling out to the local heroes, while symbols and images of the collection are appliqued onto a sweat shirt as if the local heros crown.

Harness boots and knee high riding boots have been specially made by Christian Louboutin

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