20 January 2016

Sean Suen AW16 menswear collection presented by GQ China

Drawing inspiration on Chinese chess, Sean Suen shows the connection between himself and his other self in the parallel world.

Garments are intricately layered with mixed fabrics and contrasting cuts, focusing on stylish and functional silhouettes.

Video of the show's finale:

The collection plays with the opposites such as the chessboard where it's not only about two sides against each other but also about the communication between you and your opponent; history and reality; cultures of east and west.

The criss cross garments follow the pattern of the chessboard and shows a collision between insistence and compromise.

Round metal pieces studding on the apparels symbolise the antique idea that the earth was square and heaven round.

Other pieces take the appearance of Chinese chess pieces which should move according to different rules with imagination and creation which indicates the various paths in life.

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